I live and breathe digital 24/7 and have done so for many years. My SEO/SEM strategies are defined by market intelligence data & best practices to produce superior results in Organic and Paid Search Engine Results.

20 Years in Marketing | 15+ in Digital

I'll create a simple campaign for easy DIY maintenance

I've been playing with websites since the turn of the century and I still enjoy it. I get a kick out of producing sharp websites that rank well in search engines and create enduring high quality (and converting) traffic. Unfortunately time is often of the essence and SEM campaigns need to be deployed to kickstart or prop up digital marketing efforts. In recent times I've worked on multiple accounts with straight search budgets varying from $500 to $50,000 a month. I've also launched a Universal App Campaign that made those budgets look tiny.

A few common themes strike me when I look at campaigns build by others.

  1. The structure of big agency campaigns look similar and perform similar
  2. Attention to detail is poor
  3. +Broad +Match +Modifiers are overused
  4. Too many keywords are stuffed into accounts with 0 impressions and 0 hope of getting an impression
  5. Many accounts are on automated bidding strategies
  6. Negative keywords are generally a dog's breakfast and often done intermittently

I don't profess to know everything but I will create your business a solid foundation to build up from. I come with diverse experience from nearly 40 years of playing on PCs almost daily.

SEO 93%

WordPress 86%


Magento 2 45%

SEM 93%

Graphic Design 76%

Illustrator 58%

PHP 34%

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