I am

Michael Niotakis

Digital Marketing Guru


I Research

In order to build the most efficient campaign I need to do a little research. With access to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and a few other Digital Marketing Tools, I can pretty quickly work out what will drive potential customers to your website.
Digital Marketing Tools

I Create

I create really efficient campaigns based on best practices and really smart use of keywords.

Digital Marketing Services

You Manage

My desire to create efficient campaigns means I don't want to maintain accounts. I'll launch with low maintenance in mind then provide you with the tools to manage it yourself or I can recommend some agencies to work with.

DIY Google Ads Checklist

Build and Conquer

A Ford shell sitting atop a Chrysler chassis is still going to perform like a Chrysler. Build a solid foundations in Google Ads and you'll be rewarded with reliability and performance well into the future.

My Other Amazing Work

Plenty of Gifts is a part time project delivering gift baskets and flowers across Australia. It takes advantage of my strengths in SEO, digital marketing, and automation whilst allowing me to explore the latest digital marketing trends and advancements.

and see problems or trends we might have otherwise missed.


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