Keyword Position Tracking Tool

SEMRush has a fabulous keyword position tracking tool that I have used almost daily for the last 6+ years.

I understand SEMrush can be overwhelming to use therefore I've created a service to help people setup SEMRush properly. Subscribe to any paid SEMRush plan and for USD $50 I'll create a single project spitting out a bunch of reports for you to track your website's SEO performance, your competitors performance and/or validate your SEO agency's performance. Just so you know the SEMRush Pro plan is USD $99.95 per month and allows up to 5 projects.

To do so, I'll need:

  • SEMRush login details
  • Google Analytics / Google Ads login details
  • Domain name(s)
  • (if applicable) PDF of your agencies latest performance report
  • An email address to send the reports

You can read more about the features of the Position Tracking Tool on SEMRush itself.

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